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The whole project is a family-owned and -run operation. Both the farm and the cellar are manage by us, Joris and Natalie, and we consider it an honor and privilege to create and run the Estate - under the watchful eye of dad Joep who pops in a couple of times a week for coffee, wine and crazy brainstorming sessions. Our aim is to build a Family Estate for the next generations and build a reputation that will stand the test of time. If you just flip through our harvest pics you will see that the joy of winemaking is shared by a whole host of friends and family! They have all received the (highly coveted) harvest T-shirt!

We are bon-vivants and part of our mission statement is to have loads of fun while making wine! We refuse to compromise where the quality of the wine is concerned and are strongly committed to making simply delicious wines. Still, if you can't enjoy the process it kind of defies the purpose. We like to think that our wines reflect the passion and fun that went into making them. Sort of wants you to go out and taste our wines? Good idea!